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I went through my old blog this morning. I was looking for content I might be able to revise that would be useful and interesting on this new blog. It was neat to look back on ten years of our life. But the truth is, I don’t want to go back. Those were good (and some hard) times, and I don’t plan to forget them. But pressing forward is my goal now. Stay present. Stay future – focused. I’ve grown. We’ve grown. Our goals aren’t necessarily the same as they were then, or maybe I’ve just wizened up after four years on this farm. Either way, it was good then, and it’s good now, but different. And so, I’ll keep looking ahead.

We have some soap to sell if you’re interested. This soap is made the old-fashioned way with goat’s milk and lye and a bunch of oils that are crazy good for your skin. It was a recipe I came up with after about six months of researching and lots of trial and error. It’s all we’ve used for six years. My eczema is gone, our skin is soft and I’d like to think glowing- but I’ll be honest and admit I don’t always glow- (hello, mama -of- eight- living- on- a -farm). In addition, I think we smell pretty good too- usually (see above).  Best of all, it’s soap made with my hands, and my time and my love, in small batches, with milk from pasture raised goats that are nurtured here on our small farm. There were times we were selling like crazy and times when I needed a break from it all. I think I’ve settled somewhere in the middle now. And for now, the middle seems a good place to be.

I’ll be working on an official “sales page” in the next couple of weeks, but until then, if you’re skin’s just itching for some goats milk soap, here’s what I have available right now. Please contact me here: Elizabeth@dandelionsacre.com if interested and I’ll be in touch. I ship within two days, generally.

Bars are approximately 4oz each. $5/ bar. Shipping is $3 for the first item and $1.50 each additional. If local, we deliver orders over $20 for free within 20 miles.

Honey Oat- with real oats, and raw honey.
Rosemary Lemongrass- with French green clay. An excellent facial bar.
Wildberry- naturally colored with rosehip powder, which is also wonderful for the complexion.
Simply Lavender- calming and soothing. Our current batch is naturally colored with alkanet powder to give it a pretty purple tinge.

Not pictured- The Cinnamon Bar- a wonderfully spicy cinnamon bar with coffee grounds added for exfoliation.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience while we work on our sales page.



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  1. I’m your mom, but I affirm the difference in my skin since using your soap. Even the bottoms of my feet stayed soft all the New York winter. Thankful you are still making soaps!

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