Pasture Raised Chicken (Batch #1- Early June)


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Our Cornish Rock chickens are ordered in February, arrive in early April, and after a short stint under a heat lamp in our barn, are raised on the fresh green grass and the warming sun of spring and early summer. We supplement with a locally grown grain mix, and our chickens finish happy, plump, juicy and tasting like a chicken should!

Each year we have a limited number available for customer purchase, and our customers have always been extremely pleased with their poultry.  Pickup at the farm on processing day is preferred. Contact us if special arrangements are needed.

We work hard to bring a quality, natural, and healthy product to our table and yours.

Would you like see how your chickens are being raised? Let us know, and we’d be happy to arrange a visit. 🙂

Price is $3/lb for the finished bird (processed whole and shrink wrapped for that fresh taste right out of your freezer). Our chickens average 5 lbs at finishing.

We do require a $5.00 deposit per bird at the time of reserving (nonrefundable), which will of course be subtracted from your total cost in the end. Pay here now:



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