2018 Resolutions for the Homestead, and for Life

We sat down to write out our list of Dandelion’s Acre Homestead Resolutions for 2018, the husband and his wife did.

On that list we scribbled goals about pastured chickens, rotational grazing methods, sheep husbandry, fruit trees, and garden expansions. We started to peruse seed catologs and talked in depth about portable electric fencing. We chuckled about making videos of our progress to post here and send out to email subscribers. We hope to begin that soon!

We felt satisfied that our list, though ambitious, was not too much to handle, and gave ourselves the grace to say that it doesn’t all have to get done.

Still, something was missing. And we both knew what. Our list needed tweaking. And so in addition to the above, we added:

Tomorrow, I will give myself permission to do nothing. None of the extra.

No time wasting, no fretting, no hurry, no social media checking, no garbage.

What I will do, is sit with my toddlers and read to them, build blocks, and make playdough, or construct a blanket fort big enough for even myself to join in.

I will reconnect with my teenage daughter, and her older brothers.

Perhaps I’ll write a love note to my husband and place it on his pillow.

I may play in the melting snow with the puppy, along with the six year old boy and his seven year old sister.

I will, of course, make time for laundry, and cooking, and bathroom cleaning, but will spew the unnecessary far from me.

I will close the laptop and open my Bible.

I will leave my phone upstairs.

I will not worry about finances, or the passing of time, or the little failures that compound into big ones, if only in my head.

I will not care about the future apart from one in which God says, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I will guard the words that come from my mouth more carefully, as well as the actions of my hands, and the priorities of my mind.

I will close the laptop and open the Bible.

I will leave my phone upstairs. On purpose.

I will have less face time and more face-to-face time.

Less of the side hustle and more of what’s right in front of me.

I will continue to write, but only if it doesn’t interfere with precious time that could be spent building relationships.

Tomorrow, I will begin to live the life I was meant to live.

I will revel in what goes on around me—these people we’ve created— him and I, and God.  This life we’ve built together— it’s so imperfect yet so right for us, if we only take the time to appreciate it. We’ve learned so much, and struggled so much. Like everyone, we’ve experienced defeats, and disappointments. We’ve made decisions without prayer and have spoke in haste and exhaustion. It all plays out in the day to day.

We must stop hitting the repeat button every morning and  instead choose the RESET button.

Tomorrow. And for all the many tomorrows that 2018 will bring.

I will choose BETTER.

Happy New Year






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  1. Such beautiful thoughts and take-my-breath-away pictures. Thanking God for the beauty of the world God gave to you and Joe when he created you for each other. Love you.

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