Plant Seeds

It’s June. In NY, gardening zone 5, that means it’s time to plant. Seeds or starts, they need to get into the ground before it’s too late. And as I hastily dug holes for the tomatoes and cabbage today- the ones Charlotte and I started from seed on an old craft table under a sunny window and nurtured through a move into an ancient window frame outside when it was still cold enough for winter barn coats and wool socks- and as the children made noise, and mess, and joyful chaos all around me, the irony of these words kept running through my mind on repeat:

Plant, before it’s too late.

Plant Seeds. Before it’s too late.

And then I caught sight of my eighteen year old son, all the machismo and pride of an eighteen year old son, who knows where he’s going and wants to get there fast. Just then he was returning from a run, and I prayed that I had done my job well- as his mom, the gardener, the planter of seeds. I’ve seen enough in these eighteen years as a mom to know that not all seeds I plant will bear fruit right away. I just pray that when the time comes, those seeds will sprout and emerge- strong roots, vibrant fruit.

I finished my planting for today. I have the dirt under my fingernails, the tired back and some insignificant vegetable starts to show for it. But it will be a long time before I’m finished with the real planting. I’m glad for that. I sat down in the grass, pulled off my yellow boots and pulled the baby onto my lap. I spoke to him of his worth. He stuck a dirty finger in my mouth. I whispered that God had a plan for his life. He grinned an impish grin, as if he already knew. I sang Jesus Loves Me, and he clapped pudgy dimpled hands together. And I held on a for just a moment longer when he tried to break free. And then I let him go.

Seeds planted.






  1. Such a good post, I come from a long line of farmers and gardeners so this post went right to my heart! My last one graduates from high school in a few short weeks and I continue to pray what has been planted will take root.

    1. Thank you Jody! I broke the mold in my family and became a first generation farmer (although my Grandad was a enthusiastic gardener). Congratulations to your last child. May those planted seeds lead to a fruitful life!

      1. Thanks for stopping! I’m pretty new to this myself, so I don’t have an answer to your question- although I’m pretty psyched my blog appeared there. Lol. Do you have google analytics installed? Apparently that’s a big one. Good luck!

  2. I also planted this week despite sinking into mud. Had the foresight to put plastic bags over gardening shoes. Thought I would at least plant the plants. Started with potatoes, than tomatoes. It’s so rewarding to plant I continued marking rows for cabbages and all the seeds. Love watching the cabbages spiral around and form a green rose. For being so large, they mature quite quickly. A miracle awaits! All the little seeds each filled with the miracle of life went in one by one. Prayers were said for a bountiful harvest. Prayers are also being said that the seeds germinate despite cool nights and rainy days. God certainly knows how to teach patience.

    1. He certainly does! Enjoy your garden. 🙂

  3. This may be the most beautiful piece I have read in my life. Tears of joy and prayers for seeds sprouting well. I love you, my girl.

    1. Thanks Mom. And thanks for the seeds you planted in me over the years. Love you.

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